The newsletter, RIP – do readers want a new one?

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Some readers will have noticed there’s no newsletter this week. In fact, we’ve had some difficulties with the original newsletter and are setting up a new one – if enough people express their support.

What’s the problem? Our hosting company has noticed we haven’t quite been meeting its terms of service because our technology hasn’t been quite up to its strict demands. Frankly, we hadn’t noticed either. So today it’s farewell to the newsletter. The stats show it has been popular, but if I have to abandon it to prevent the website from being closed down, there’s little choice. I’m sure most of us would rather not lose an important resource.

Instead, I’ve set up a Yahoogroup mailing list that will be used only to send out the weekly newsletter, if enough readers sign up to make it worthwhile. Is that what you’d like? If so sign up today:

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