Nick Smith’s Lisa gets her sole boards

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Lisa’s sole boards and engine

Hampshire boatbuilder Nick Smith has just sent us his latest update on his current project, a 17ft motor launch named Lisa.

‘Hi Gavin

‘Lisa’s sole boards are finished and fitted; the next job is the engine box.

‘The boards have gone in better than I could have hoped. They’ve left a sitting height of 16 inches – not bad for a boat of this size, bearing in mind there are always ergonomic compromises. The ideal height, for a dining chair for example is 18 inches, but I have to proportion everything to look sweet to the eye, for as they say, “if it looks right, it is right”.

‘The sea cock is easily accessible and has the Fisherman type of strainer: the top can be unscrewed and easily cleared of any blockage, like weed or mud for example.

‘It’s been a slow couple of weeks, with lots of bits and pieces and trying to get as much varnish on as possible, the weather doesn’t help at this time of year.

‘Thats it for now Gav, I’ll send some more when there is something else tangible to see.


Thanks Nick! We’ll look forward to the next stages – I’m sure you’ll put me right, but, notwithstanding the little issue of varnish, from where I’m sitting there can’t be many more to go before the big day.

Nick has sent us quite a few photos of the Lisa project over the past few weeks.  If you’d like to see all our posts about his work, click here and scroll down the page. If you don’t already know him, Nick comes from Devon and specialises in new builds in clinker and carvel for  sail, motor and rowing power from 8ft to 28ft with a special emphasis on West Country style and design, and also takes on repairs and refits from 25ft to 50ft. He can be contacted by email at and by phone on 07786 693370.

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