My Mouseboat appears on the Wikipedia!

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A Mouseboat doing what it does best – providing a light, easy to build and stable platform for a kid learning to use a boat, though it has to be said that they’re also popular with adults. This one was built by John Hellwig. I must say the skiff in the background looks very fine. Could it be a Whisp, like the one the Slipway Collective were selling recently?

My Mouseboat design for a small boat for kids has earned a mention on the Wikipedia!

This is a long way off topic for, but I had to report the news nevertheless, and who knows – a few people who drop by here might be interested in building a little stitch and glue paddler that’s eminently suitable as a first boatbuilding project and is a lot of fun to use by everyone from five or six years upwards, so long as they don’t weigh much more than 200lbs.

Small enough to be built on many people’s kitchen tables, it props out of the way under any 8ft garage roof and it’s also light enough to be carried and roofracked by an adult. She’s a plain little puppy, it has to be said, but I don’t think anyone could regret building a Mouseboat, and getting on for 200 people have done so.

There’s a rowable version also at the Yahoogroup devoted to Mouseboats, by the way, and various sailing and flat-bottomed developments.

Here’s the Wikipedia link:

And here’s a link for the Mouseboats Yahoogroup:

3 thoughts on “My Mouseboat appears on the Wikipedia!”

  1. Congratulations on Wikipedia recognition!

    Does anyone know the furthest distance paddled by a Mouseboat?

    There must be some epic tales out there…

  2. I was so surprised to find this photo which I must have submitted somewhere. My son Michael has had many hours of fun with his mouse, though it looks a little more banged up than in this photo. Still going strong though!

    That is a Whisp in the background which I built in 1985 and sailed and rowed ever since.


  3. It's great to hear from you John!

    No, I didn't post your Mouse on the Wikipedia, though it was a very nice surprise to find it. I'm pretty chuffed I identified your Whisp correctly too!

    Thanks for getting in touch.


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