Temptation of a different kind, if you can stand it…

Well, I have to say she tempts me, and that you’d have to be very hard-hearted not to love her!

She’s a 1935 National 12, and has just been sold by Wooden Ships at Dartmouth. She’s just so sweet and with a new set of sails she could be ready for this summer…

The National 12 was designed by Uffa Fox before WWII as a class racing dinghy, and this example is in a complete time-warp, having been kept ashore for over 20 years after remaining in the same ownership from new until last year.

Built from clinker mahogany with all-copper fastenings, she has a galvanised-steel centre plate, a mahogany drop rudder, and is complete with an original gunter cotton sail on an original bamboo yard and a bronze main-sheet horse.

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1935 National 12

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