Some more sharpie links

The Wikipedia on sharpies: A little something on Iain Oughtred’s splendid Egret-derived sharpie Haiku: Reuel Parker also has a version: But my favourite is probably Phil Bolger’s famous modern sharpie, the Black Skimmer. I’ve often thought this boat with its flat bottom and leeboards would make a good choice for the Thames … Continue reading “Some more sharpie links”


A great little magazine for boat lovers

I’ve been looking at the latest issue of the fortnightly US boating magazine Messing About in Boats, and I’m inspired to tell you gentle readers what a great little magazine it is. Each issue of MAIB is packed full of comment, news, stories and explanations about a wide variety of small- to medium-sized boats, usually … Continue reading “A great little magazine for boat lovers”