Some more sharpie links

The Wikipedia on sharpies:

A little something on Iain Oughtred’s splendid Egret-derived sharpie Haiku:

Reuel Parker also has a version:

But my favourite is probably Phil Bolger’s famous modern sharpie, the Black Skimmer. I’ve often thought this boat with its flat bottom and leeboards would make a good choice for the Thames Estuary, if you don’t mind a boat with spartan accommodation, and that it has a tenuous kind of connection with the old barge yachts.

More on the Black Skimmer:

And still more – here are some photos of one being built:

Black Skimmer plans cost just $40 from Harold H Payson & Co:

Click on the picture below for a slightly larger image.

Black Skimmer

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One thought on “Some more sharpie links”

  1. Hi Gavin,

    very interesting, and nice site.

    an updated plan for Black Skimmer is available from Phil Bolger and Friends. I'm not sure of their price. It features a redesigned sailplan with an easier raising mast – better for beneath bridges and trailering.



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