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Chris Perkins photographs the Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Award winning boat builder and early supporter of the Scottish Coastal Rowing movement Chris Perkins has been in touch with photos from a trip to the Thames Traditional Boat Festival. It’s great to hear from him after some time, and good too to see that the event has bounced back from its difficulties a little while ago.

To see more of his photos of the event click here. (You can also find your way to his other Flickr galleries – he has an impressive collection of photos.)

Here’s what he said about it: ‘This was the first time a trip south has coincided with the event. It’s rather different from the usual gatherings I attend, but there were some gorgeous boats to be seen as well as a few old friends. Feel free to extract anything you would like to use. Trust all is well with you and yours… ‘

We’re fine thanks Chris. I hope you’re doing well too, and many thanks for the photos! (Btw, these remain Chris’s copyright, soi please ask permission before ‘borrowing’ his photos for another website.)

OGA Swallows and Amazons event at Walton Backwaters

It’s so nice to hear that the Old Gaffers Association had a good trip to the Walton Backwaters a couple of weeks back…

(A trip that we had planned to join the Albert Strange Association at the same location [in our plastic fantastic] was called off due to strong winds.)

The Swallows and Amazons sailing event attracted 23 boats from Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk. Their crews camped nearby, survived a spectacular electric storm and heavy downpours overnight on the Friday, but then had a glorious sunny Saturday race with a good fresh breeze.

Some 20 boats completed the course, which circumnavigating Horsey Island, as characters did in Arthur Ransome’s famous children’s sailing books after which the event is named, and finished right outside Walton & Frinton Yacht Club’s clubhouse.

The fleet included 11 East Coast smack boats, and 12 others including an OGA trailer section member from Deal in Kent with Guillemot and Horta, a Tideway 14 came from North Norfolk.

One club member, Eric Perks, who had just relaunched his 1950s lug rigged Swallow called Skylark lent her to a youth crew of Eden and Ruby Lovesee-Clarke and Harry Triffitt (see picture).

Moray McPhail of Classic Marine, Woodbridge, sponsored fun and games in the afternoon, and entertained everyone with quirky prizes and witty race results reporting.

The fleet was divided into a few different classes. Results in order of corrected time were first overall and first ‘new classic’ White Diamond; first smacks boat and second overall Neva,
first ‘spirit of tradition’ and third overall Montmorency, and 
fourth overall Hellovathing.

Heavy rain and no wind sent everyone home on the Sunday.

A dockyard stroll – Faversham Nautical Festival, 2015

The sun shone, the kids played and the tide came up on time, floating an interesting collection of mainly local boats, many of them dressed all over for the occasion. And some silly fella spent some time playing hornpipes for small children (in the company of the well known shanty singer Chris Roche), when he wasn’t taking photos…

In case you’re wondering, I do have a soft spot for the barge yacht Nancy Grey.

By the way, I gather the Swing The Bridge appeal raising money to build a new swing bridge capable of being opened and allowing barges and other craft into the upper pool is doing well. I hope to have more news soon…