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Black Friday at Manasquan Inlet, 1938

This is terrifying. I haven’t been able to find a report of the outcome, but it’s definitely a warning to watch the weather, folks… I do hope they all survived and recovered.

I have wondered whether trailing drogues or warps have helped but surely they would hamper steering… Have someone on the stern with a sharp, serrated knife? Or would would that be littering?

PS – Nigel – see comments – suggests staying out. I’m just glad our weather forecasts today are rarely wrong by more than a force, at least in my experience.

Howard Rice, off down the Straits of Magellan in a 12ft boat…

Hmmm… Howard Rice is about to sail an 11ft 11in Scamp sailing boat south through the Strait of Magellan from Punta Arenas down to the remote Southwest Islands of Tierra del Fuego…

He’s supposed to be setting off today. Great, good luck to him!

I hope he won’t mind my borrowing some of his photos of the loading process.  He’ll be carrying three months’ food and who knows how much water, along with everything else.

The boat is designed by John Welsford: the main change to the original design that I can see is that he’s got a two-stick rig. Well you would want a very controllable rig going down to pennyweight sails, wouldn’t you?

Howard’s done this before, as his Wikipedia page shows – that time he rounded the Horn in a sailing canoe equipped with a storm sail measuring only 2sqft – this time he’s got a storm sail of 5sqft.

Follow his progress on John’s weblog, on Howard’s weblog,  Howard’s Facebook page, on the  Scamp Sailboat Facebook page and doubtless quite a few other places as well.

Read about Scamp and get plans here.

PSListen to this interview with Howard on Boat Radio.

A tribute to Martyn Heighton, National Historic Ships UK director and chairman

Martyn Heighton director and chair of National Historic Ships has died suddenly.

Read Classic Sailor’s excellent and a clearly heartfelt tribute from shocked colleagues. d