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Harbour stroll: the river at Richmond

Elegant rowing boat project for sale on eBay

There’s a nice project here for someone!

My thanks for Fowey boat builder Marcus Lewis for pointing it out. Check on his boats for sale, and  see his website to read about the Troy Class and the Fowey River Class.

Newly restored 1880s bateau Barbashela back on the water

Stunning 1880s bateau Barbashela is back on the watersee an earlier Intheboatshed post about her.

The bateau was designed by  Captain Thomas P Leathers of Kentucky, who is remembered for owning and commanding the steamboat Natchez, and for losing a dramatic race against the steamboat Robert E Lee commanded by Capt. JW Cannon in 1870.

Barbashela was a gift to Varina Anne ‘Winnie’ Davis of Biloxi, Mississippi, and the skiff was rowed on Oyster Bayou.

The plan is that the restored boat will be returned to the bayous in the Biloxi area.

PS – Weblogger ‘Clark’ reports that offsets and a materials list for the bateau have been completed up, and that drawings are to be available in the near future. So if you admire her, you could build your very own Barbashela. Thanks Clark!