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BBA releases offsets for glued clinker 12ft Fleet trow

offsets Fleet trow

12' Fleet Trow photo by Derek Thompson 2014 (4) 12' Fleet Trow Photo by Derek Thompson 2014 (5)

On the subject of the BBA, have you noticed that the Academy has released offsets for the cute 12ft glued clinker Fleet trow that students built and launched last year?

Get the offsets here. Thanks BBA! If you build one, please let me know at .


Down the Wild Owyhee, with Prince Helfrich

This is Prince Helfrich, a pioneering river runner, leading an expedition down the Owyhee River in the mid-sixties.

My thanks to reader John Ost of Portland, Oregon, for the tip-off. John tells me he has made the same trip with his wife and friends in his drift boat several times – he does it as the river is dropping and is clearer than it was when this film was made.

Offsets for building the 12ft BBA Fleet trow now available

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis launch 2014 photographs

Boat Building Academy Lyme Regis launch 2014 photographs

The folks at the Boat Building Academy have kindly made the offsets available for the cute little Fleet trow some of its students built during their long course last year.

For the offsets laid out in a pdf, and more pictures of the handy, easily built little boat, click here and go to the bottom of the post.