Whitby’s herring fishing in the 1950s

The North East Film Archive has this is fabulous film survey of Whitby’s herring fishing and curing industry made by Edward Roberts in the early 1950s.

Erecting Whitby’s Penny Hedge

We in the UK live in a strange country – one that is more exotic than we may all realise. In Whitby Harbour there’s an ancient tradition of building a short piece of fencing each year – the Penny Hedge, and this YouTube filmed by Doc Rowe with help from Jill Pidd shows it being built last year.

Just for the record, it’s a tradition that goes back nearly nine centuries

The RNLI in 1952 on film – including a clip of Whitby No 2, the last pulling lifeboat

It was reader John Button who set me off looking for this material – so thanks John! The wrecks on the Goodwins look pretty scary, I’d say.

‘Woods from many parts of the Empire play their part in the construction of a lifeboat.’

‘Men who come together for sudden, dangerous acts of mercy.’