Troys at Fowey

Troy class keelboat racing at Fowey

Fowey boatbuilder Marcus Lewis has written to say that he’s had Shimmer, T4 of the Troy Class, in the workshop for a bit of attention, including 11 new ribs, rudder refitting, and painting all over – what he calls the usual maintenance stuff.

Shimmer was built in Fowey by AH ‘Archie’ Watty during the winter of 1929/30. She was made for the local squire Colonel Edward Treffry, and was sometimes sailed by his daughter, Elizabeth.

The old photo below shows Shimmer winning the Royal Fowey Yacht Club Regatta race in 1930 with the colonel at the helm. As the results show, Shimmer started her career in fine style.

In 1946, the boat was sold and bought by author Daphne Du Maurier’s husband, Lt Gen Sir FAM Browning, only to be bought back by Elizabeth Treffry around 1953.

Two of the older Troys are now for sale, T6 Ruby and T7 Sapphire, both in good condition, and still competitive boats, but both are to be sold on condition they do not leave Fowey, and that they continue racing. (The Troy fleet now number 28, four of them built by Marcus in recent years.)

There is more information about these boats on Marcus’s website:

Lt Gen Sir F.A M Browning winning Fowey Yacht Club Regatta in Shimmer, 1930


1930 Fowey Yacht Club regatta results Troy 4 Shimmer in Marcus Lewis' workshop Troy 4 Shimmer paint job

Troy 4 Shimmer ready for the water

Marcus Lewis restores Troy, starts two Fowey Rivers, and visits Plymouth Classics

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Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration

Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration

Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration

Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration Troy Class yacht Ruby restoration

Ruby, a Troy Class yacht restored by Marcus Lewis

Cornwall boatbuilder Marcus Lewis has also written with his latest news, and included photos of the  Plymouth Classics Rally. Here’s what he says:

‘I took a new Fowey River dinghy to the Plymouth Classics Rally – lovely venue, lovely people, lovely weather on Saturday though it was pretty wet and miserable on Sunday. I didnt sell any new boats, but there was a lot of interest in seeing a new wooden dinghy, especially from many of the old Devonport Dockyard workers, several of which started their careers as shipwrights only to end up doing other things in the Dockyard.

‘I’ve attached a pic attached of Cornubia (ex Hirta) in excellent shape after her rebuild. She was originally built at Polruan, which is across the river from my workshop. (Photos below)

Ruby, the Troy Class yacht I have in for a rebuild, was launched just in time for Fowey Regatta week, and competed in her 80th season of racing. It was a fairly windy and testing week, that was hard work with thankfully little damage.

‘Ruby picked up a third prize one day, which is pretty good in a fleet of over 20 boats. There are photos of the regatta at the Jet Photographic website.

‘In the workshop now are the beginnings of two new Fowey River dinghies (see photos below). I have Tom Trevessey, a graduate of the Boat Building Academy working with me at the moment, putting into practice some of the things he has learnt.

‘Cheers for now, Marcus’

Great stuff Marcus – and thanks for the photos!

Marcus Lewis is based at Fowey, Cornwall. He can be reached on tel 07973 420568 and via his website at

Fowey River dinghy Fowey River dinghy in Marcus Lewis' workshop

Two Fowey River class dinghy boat building projects started in Marcus Lewis’s shed

Plymouth Classics 2010 Plymouth Classics 2010 Plymouth Classics 2010 Cornubia Hirta

Marcus’ shots from Plymouth Classics 2010. It warms one’s cockles to see the old Hirta, now renamed Cornubia, in such great shape