Sighted: an East Coast One Design

I’ve just seen my first East Coast One Design at Tollesbury.

She needs a little care, but there’s no question that these are outstandingly beautiful boats that must offer some truly glamorous racing and daysailing anywhere – so long as you don’t mind the British weather…

Read about them here and here, and click here to see photos of more ECODs.


Flica site now has a news weblog

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Do you know the identity of any of these characters?

The America’s Cup Masters website now has a news weblog about Flica and the Flica project, bits of history that come to light and the rest – take a look now.

In the meantime, do you know the identity of any of the rogues in the photo above? The crew member standing at the extreme left of this photograph is William Page, a Tollesbury man, who sailed with Fairey from 1932 onwards; the names of the two crew members standing next to him are still unknown but to the right of them are Herbert Diaper, Fairey’s skipper, and Sir Richard Fairey himself.

If you can, please contact the Flica project.