Tiernan Roe completes a Ninigret

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Ninigret built by Duncan Sclare

It’s well worth taking a look at boatbuilder Tiernan Roe’s weblog to learn more about the John Atkin (no relation) Ninigret he has just built and sold.

The Ninigret is an easily-driven 22ft design originally intended for fishing in the rough waters of Block Island.

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I think the builder and the new owner deserve our congratulations on a very nice looking boat, but I think there’s more to this story – for along with quite a few others I think boats that go reasonably fast on relatively low power and while consuming sensible quantities of fuel must be the way of the future.

John Atkin wasn’t a lover of big engines on fishing boats, and said the Ninigret would do 18knots with a 30hp outboard. Tiernan himself says that the fuel costs of this boat will be perhaps a tenth of what a RIB would soak up, and is planning to offer a range of low-power boats in the future.

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