St Ayles skiffs in rough sea

Skiffies in rough sea

It’s likely an illusion, but it seems that there’s always seems to be someone having more fun than I am. A day or two ago it was that Chris Partridge going rowing when he should have been working, and today, as I munch my calorie-controlled lunch, its the Scottish Coastal Rowing types at Portobello launching their community built St Ayles skiffs into as much surf as they dare.

Do take a look at their gallery for some more superb shots.

Now I’d better break off to get back to half-heartedly chewing my microwaved carrots.

St Ayles Skiff World Championships take place this week

St Ayles skiffs World Championships


The week-long St Ayles Skiff World Championships are about to start at Ullapool, and it’s to be a right Royal event. Read about it all here, here and here.

I was reminded about the event this morning by Chris Partridge, and I have to say I think  his sentiments about are right on target. Read what he has to say here: Rowing for Pleasure.

Scottish Coastal Rowing St Ayles skiffs triumph in wind and waves regatta

Anstruther Regatta 2011 photos by Ron Wallace

Anstruther Regatta 2011 photos by Ron Wallace Anstruther Regatta 2011 photos by Ron Wallace

These shots of the 2011 Anstruther Regatta taken by Ron Wallace at the end of last month show various Scottish Coastal Rowing Association St Ayles skiffs racing in the harbour – it looks like they’re having quite a time, doesn’t it?

There are more of Ron’s fabulous shots here and here.

Alec Jordan, who originally conceived the idea for Scottish Coastal Rowing, has this to say about the event:

‘It was a little wild and windy, and the St Ayles performed superbly. None of the skiffs took more than a couple of pints of water during the races.’

Perhaps that’s not so surprising as the boats are derived from traditional craft and were designed by Iain Oughtred.

The Scottish Coastal Rowing phenomenon continues to be awe-inspiring, with a very lively racing calendar and new boats being built all the time – and not all in Scotland.