Light Trow Onawind Blue gets her new wings

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Light Trow Onawind Blue gets new lugsails

Light Trow Onawind Blue has a new set of standing lugsails

Ben Crawshaw has given his Light Trow some new standing lugsails made especially for her. They’re obviously not the spritsails I originally drew, but he seems very happy with the result and the boat looks just right – and charmingly picturesque too. I’m very happy with the change.

Read all about it at Ben’s excellent weblog The Invisible Workshop, which describes the story of how he originally built the beach cruiser from my free plans, and how he’s been adapting her to his needs for cruising on the Spanish coast.

There’s no doubt Ben’s going to enjoy her new turn of speed combined with the ability to reef well down – as the picture shows, he’s got two good-sized reefs in each sail.

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