The next BBA student launch day is on the 7th December – and you’re all invited!

Boat Building Academy student launch December 2011 invitation readers (and everyone else, to be honest!) are warmly invited to the Boat Building Academy’s class of March 2011 student launch at 2pm on the 7th December.

The boats include:

  • 13ft cold-moulded motor launch designed by Andrew Wolstenholme
  • 17ft clinker-built pilchard larker
  • 10ft foam-sandwich composite dinghy
  • 19ft epoxy-ply Caledonian Yawl (designed by Iain Oughtred)
  • 15ft West Greenland kayak
  • 14ft strip planked ‘Cassy’ canoe yawl (designed by George Holmes)
  • 14ft 1in strip-planked catboat
  • 14ft stitch and glue-built speedboat (designed by BBA instructor Mike Broome)
For building photos of these boats, click here.

See more photos from last year’s December launch:

Classic Motor Boat Association boats at the Beale Park Show

Motorboats at Beale 16

Motorboats at Beale 13 Motorboats at Beale 14 Motorboats at Beale 17 Motorboats at Beale 15

A seriously cute Italian speedboat in the rain at the Beale Park Thames Boat Show. As usual, click on the thumbnails (including the big one) for much larger photos

Motorboats at Beale 11 Motorboats at Beale 12

This Avenger 21 made from carbon fibre belonged to offshore powerboat racer Tommy Sopwith, and was a tender to his yacht Philante V

Motorboats at Beale 9 Motorboats at Beale 10

Thunderbolt III belonged to hydroplane racing legend Len Melly

Motorboats at Beale 7 Motorboats at Beale 6 For sale at Beale

Motorboats at Beale 1 Motorboats at Beale 2 Motorboats at Beale 3

Two Broom speedboats. The upper example is for sale: see the third image above

1964 Tremlett 14 Zulu originally built for inshore racing

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