Modern-built Victorian racing cutter Integrity impresses at the Southampton Boat Show


Chris Partridge was mightily impressed by the Stirling & Son-built 43ft gentleman’s racing cutter named Integrity at the Southampton Boat Show, and took these photos.

‘The boat is really lovely, superb craftsmanship and materials and supremely stylish with it. I definitely can’t afford to buy Integrity, but now I really want one of Stirling’s little rowing boats. Even for one of them, Ernie will have to oblige, however… ‘

Rowing for Pleasure weblogger Chris normally responds to sailing boats in a measured kind of way – for him a boat without oars is something of a missed opportunity, so this is pretty high praise.

I guess he must also have been impressed with what I think must be the poshest jakes ever seen afloat.

Integrity is for sale through brokers Sandeman Yacht Company – do check the company’s sales details as they include a stunning set of photos.

Many thanks for the photos Chris.

I should mention that Stirlings supply sets of plans for many of the craft they build.

Stirling & Son take a clinker-built 14ft sailing dinghy to the Southampton Boat Show

Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull (1) Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull

Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull  Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull  Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull

Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull  Stirling & Son Sailing Dinghy Hull

This 14ft clinker-built sailing dinghy close to the main exit (and entrance) at the Southampton Boat Show will have been quite a relief for eyes suffering from shiny-white GRP-fatigue.

She was built by Stirling & Son, and is of mahogany on oak with copper and bronze fastenings. All fittings are bronze and yellow metal, including the centre-plate. The rigging is three strand buff polyester, and the sail is in Hayward’s Clipper canvas with tanned stitching and hand-sewn leather work. She is also varnished inside and out with Blakes products and has a gold-leaf inlaid cove line.

We were away during the show, but I gather Will Stirling and his small team also took a 12ft rowing dinghy built to the same specification, and were selling sets of plans and five postcards of boat building work that no doubt were taken by the same hands that took the shots above.

Stirling & Son is based in Tavistock, Devon and can be contacted via the website at or by ‘phone on 01822 614259.

Marcus Lewis makes progress with Mayflower dinghy to be shown at the Southampton Boat Show

Marcus Lewis Boat Builder Mayflower dinghy Marcus Lewis Boat Builder Mayflower dinghy

Marcus Lewis Boat Builder Mayflower dinghy Marcus Lewis Boat Builder Mayflower dinghy

Fowey, Cornwall boat builder Marcus Lewis has sent in some photos of his latest project, a 14ft Mayflower dinghy that he’s currently building to take to the Southampton Boat Show.

Mayflowers, which are gunter-rigged and have steel centreplates, were formerly made in Plymouth by Skentlebery’s. If this sounds like the boat you’re looking for, I’d contact him soon as it might well sell at the show!

Meanwhile, those who saw the last set of photos from Marcus may be pleased to know that the newest Fowey River dinghy, No 61, swept the board in its class with eight wins in eight races. We were told that the folks that commissioned the boat were experienced racers, but Marcus will have every reason to be delighted with such success.

PS On the 4th September local small boat sailors have organised their two-yearly Try a Troy Day. Everyone’s invited to turn up to the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club between 10.30 and 2.30 to be taken out for a sail in a Troy, completely free – donations to junior sailing at the club will be accepted however! Marcus says that they usually get 100-120 people turning up, and that it’s a really great day, weather permitting!

Try a Troy at the Fowey Gallants Sailing Club poster