Canoe Cruising and Camping, by Perry D Frazer

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Canoe Cruising and Camping, by Perry D Frazer

‘The author of this book claims nothing for it as an instructor of men to whom canoe cruising and camping, and all that follow in their wake, are as an open book. It is his aim to give to the uninitiated many little hints and suggestions that are usually only learned and mastered after years of experience.

‘That which first prompted me in this work was as follows: In the cities it is a common thing to hear young men say, “I wish I had some plan of spending my leisure hours in more pleasant manner than by sitting round the house or the parks.” If asked why they do not pass holidays and vacations in fishing or hunting, they will say they cannot afford it; that a month in the woods would cost them twice or thrice as much as they can earn when at work a similar length of time; they may not care for horses or bicycles, and a sailboat or small yacht is entirely out of the question, as far as owning one is concerned.

‘When the reader has thoroughly studied the information I wish to give, I hope he can see how easily he may provide a means of enjoying leisure hours, without great expense.”

This is a great online book with some stonking old photos. Thanks to Craig O’Donnell for taking the time to scan it and put it up at his website. Read the book here.

Canoe Cruising and Camping by Frazer