Thames Traditional Boat Rally in photos


I won’t be able to make the Thames Traditional Boat Rally this weekend but I’d like to make it one day – and no doubt Julie would love what looks like a rather genteel event.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying this fabulous gallery of photos. I recommend you just hit the ‘play’ button at the top right of the page and watch the boats go by for a few minutes.

Pictures from an exhibition – part 2

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Slipper launch Wishbone, a Baby Greyhound model built by Andrews
in 1931 and restored in 2004 by Stewart Marine of Hart’s Boatyard.
For more on this boat see our earlier post

Today we have some more photos from the Sail, Power & Watersports Show at Earl’s Court – I gather the weather’s going to be foul this weekend, so I’d guess many people will be taking the opportunity to shirk gardening duties in favour of a few hours under Earl’s Court’s roof.

A striking mahogany runabout from Marine Classics

Whisp, built by the Slipway Coop folks

Adrian Noyes’ 10ft skiff – contact Adrian at
Sadly, I didn’t manage to get to speak to anyone one the Wooden Boatbuilding  Trade
Association Stand, so have noto brought back any news

North Quay 19 from North Quay of Conyer, at

This Bay Raider from Swalllow Boats has splendid dining and
chart table arrangements

And, as a bonus – a plaque In commemoration of the grand opening of
Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show at Earl’s Court in 1887. It hasn’t got
much to do with boats, but it always makes me smile!

Restored slipper launch Wishbone at the 2008 Earl’s Court Sail, Power & Watersports Show

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Thames Traditional Boat Rally Prize-winning slipper launch Wishbone.
Click on the photo for a larger image

Many readers will be interested in Wishbone, a Thames slipper launch due to appear at the Sail, Power & Watersports Show due to take place at Earl’s Court from the 26th to the 30th November.

Wishbone is in fact a Baby Greyhound model built by Andrews in 1931, and was restored in 2004 by Stewart Marine of Harts Boatyard, which is on the river near Kingston upon Thames. She has won the Top Boat Award at the Thames Traditional Boat Rally on three occasions, and I’m told she’ll probably be the oldest boat at the show.

See the Stewart Marine website at By the way, if the name Stewart is familiar, it may be because he won a Bronze Medal sailing keelboats in the 1992 Olympics.

Stewart Marine’s brokerage list currently includes Willow, a 1920s Messums rowing and sailing skiff complete with all sailing and rowing equipment, and Swift, a 20ft rowing rowing gig built by Turks’ in 1911, complete with a sliding seat, outriggers and two sets of blades said to be all in in fantastic condition. Now that’s two real objects of desire, I’d say!

There’s a short and rather incomplete entry on slipper launches at the Wikipedia, but I don’t know enough to sort it out. Is there anyone around with the knowledge, time and energy to fix it?

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