skiff – more progress

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Nesting panels for the Julie skiff. As usual,
click on the image for a bigger picture – and please forgive the
construction lines!

I won’t say too much now as it’s after midnight, but I’ve made some useful progress.

The drawing is a mess with so many construction lines still in place, but it shows all the major panels mapped to the ply sheets. I’d like to think that most of you will make out the bottom, sides (with their traditional subtle S-curve), sternsheets and major frames, and that you can see the beginnings of a set of boatbuilding plans.

There are some smaller panels to add – breasthooks, knees, odd reinforcements, top for the thwart and so on – but most of the boat’s key components are here. The next job, though, is to create a printed sheet for making a model (I hope to publish that very soon for those who are interested), and after that I’ll be adding coordinates. But now it’s time for bed. Keep on turning, big wide world…

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