Doing silly things in a boat off Sheppey

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Perhaps Sheppey can look a little like the Isle of Wight in some light conditions… or maybe not!

We’ve all done silly things in boats. I blush when I think of some of mine, and, naturally, hope that my wife, family and friends won’t tell the world about too many of them. But still I had to smile when I saw this story on the BBC site, thanks to Mouseboats Yahoogroup member Shawn Payment. Thanks Shawn!

I wonder whether he had any insurance? Somehow it seems unlikely.

To enable you to get a grip on this gentleman’s achievement, see this Googlemaps link; also see this shot found by fellow Mousequeteer Lew Clayman for a possible explanation.

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Swale photos… I’ve got to get them off my chest so here they are!

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Smacks in Faversham Creek

Rather like the way a bundle of unexpected money can burn a hole in one’s pocket, for several days these photos have been nagging me to put them up. They’re scenes from a day’s sailing around the Swale, as locals will immediately know, and I hope they provide some interest and entertainment before we get back to the usual menu!

Thames barge Repertor

Homes at Shellness, Isle of Sheppey

North shore of the Isle of Sheppey

‘Receptive’ buoy at the southern end of Horse Sand

A fisherman in the Swale

Jetskis playing in the wake of an enormous
Forgive them, Oh Lord, for they
know not what they do… I guess they were
having fun, but their noise and disturbance
shook my teacup and rattled the teeth I was
trying to use to eat cake!

Ripples in a glassy sea, buoys leading far away – serene backgrounds for busy computers

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Sky reflected on seawater photographed by Gavin Atkin

Sky reflected on seawater photographed by Gavin Atkin

Sailing out of Oare Creek into the Swale yesterday my pal Jim and I had some splendid sailing during the morning, and then a glassy calm in the afternoon brought some striking light – so I pulled out my digital camera and took a few shots.

I hope these may appeal to some of you as potential wallpapers for your computers. If you’re a PC user, I think it should be possible to open the big image by clicking on the small photo, and then to set it as your desktop by pressing the right-hand mouse button, and then setting the picture to either centre, or to stretch. Good luck.

Buoys in the Swale photographed by Gavin Atkin

Buoys in the Swale, photographed by Gavin Atkin