13ft electric launch by Andrew Wolstenholme launched at the Boat Building Academy

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Phil Evans JFDI

Phil Evans workshop Phil Evans in progress 2 cornering the market in G clamps

JFDI 1 I made this The Blues Brothers and their Dad go boating

Boat Building Academy principal Yvonne Green has sent a series of photos from the student launch day down in Lyme back in June, which I will be publishing over the next few days.

Today’s photos are of a 13ft electric motor launch designed by Andrew Wolstenholme and built by student Phil Evans with help from other students, especially ‘Blues Brothers’, Will Howard and Mike Brenton. We aren’t told how they acquired their soubriquet on the course – perhaps someone will oblige using the comment link below this post – but congratulations to them all.

The launch is built with three layers of veneer: the outer layers are sapele, with an inner layer of Douglas fir.

For more of Andrew Wolstenholme’s designs and plans, click here.