The manliness of sailors


‘I’ve just finished writing up a paper on images of Jack Tar between 1760 and 1860. I’ve rather fallen in love with Jack Tar. When my analytical brain was idling, I wondered why his figure appealed to me. After all, he’s often thoughtless, drunk, and womanizing.’

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All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor

Briscoe: Oyster Grounds, Clewlines and Buntlines, Man Overboard and The Heaving Line

‘But those sailor-men have no truer friend than Arthur Briscoe, who so faithfully interprets their lives at sea.’

Alan Villiers’ photographs on the Royal Museum Greenwich’s wonderful Flickr account

A selection of Alan Villiers famous photos appears on the Royal Museum Greenwich’s wonderful Flickr Photostream.

Villiers seems to have been a naturally talented photographer, but I’m also struck by the sharpness and contrast of the images he was able to take using large format film on his Box Brownie camera.