Light Trow Mk 2 plans now available!

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I’ve been waiting for Water Craft magazine to publish its Grand Designs series story on the Light Trow before releasing the Mk 2 plans – they’ve also been publishing a two part article by small boat adventurer Ben Crawshaw about his adventures in the Mark 1 boat.

But now the big day is almost upon us, it’s at last time to let them loose on the public.¬†Download them now – click here for the zip file of drawings etc. There are plans for making a model here.

For more on the Light Trow including Ben’s exploits and the origins of the design, click here, scroll down and go back through the ¬†posts.

Osbert Lancaster’s Firth of Forth weblog

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Osbert's boat

Osbert’s nicely shaped John Welsford designed Walkabout dinghy

I’d like to draw attention to Osbert Lancaster’s weblog, Firth of Forthy by sail and oar.

He’s recording two projects at the same time: setting up a new canoe and kayaking club and building one of John Welsford’s Walkabout cruising dinghies. Of these two, I think it’s safe to say that the Walkabout is the most difficult – but there’s no doubt that Osbert is surmounting his challenges and turning out a beautiful looking boat. As one of his neighbours said: ‘You must be fair chuffed.’

Osbert’s a member of the UK messabout group UK Home Built Boat Rally.

Ben Crawshaw’s Light Trow appears in Wooden Boat magazine

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Light Trow built by Ben Crawshaw of The Invisible Boatshed

One of the best Christmas presents for me this year has been the news that Ben Crawshaw’s very nice project Onawind Blue built to my Light Trow design has made the launchings section of the superb US magazine Wooden Boat! Well done Ben – that’s quite an achievement with a first boat, and a plywood one at that.

I originally drew the Light Trow to be built on a strongback, but Ben built his using conventional stitch and glue at my suggestion, and we were both please when it worked perfectly. Some time I’ll revise the plans to eliminate the strongback, but in the meantime you can build the boat the same way using the plans Ben used. The free plans download is here.

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