An nearly good idea that never really caught on…

Caravan boat

Another example of British ingenuity at work, reported here by Pathé News.  Yet it never did catch on…

Pathé News films of Faversham shipbuilders’ famous sideways launch

Here are a couple of Pathé News clips from long ago showing the famous sideways launch used by Faversham shipbuilders in action. My thanks to my old friend Ian Lawther!

PS While we’re on the subject of Pathé newsreels, reader Ed Maggs has let me know about another Pathé clip shot in 1954 that records the occasion when Lady and Lord Docker entertained some 45 miners on board their yacht, MY Shemara. I’m not at all sure about Lady Docker’s ‘sailor’s hornpipe’ by the way – I think it may owe a little more to ‘Naughty Norah’s’ background as a chorus girl than to that ancient tradition. Read about the scandalous Dockers here and here, though perhaps you might think reading about Shemara here and here might be more seemly. She’s just been done up and relaunched, and is described as a ‘classic superyacht’.

I gather MY Shemara had a distinguised career during WWII, when she was requisitioned and used as an anti-submarine training ship.

Thanks Ed!