Don’t forget your squeezebox…

Hohner history shot

‘In the tent and also in the paddle boat the Hohner-Harmonika should not be missing…’ Click here for more!

I think the melodeon is an example of the Hohner Liliput Preciosa, by the way, a compact and rather quiet single-reeded model. I wonder where the girl is today?

Something similar called a Liliput was I gather very popular with German servicemen during WWII because of its small size. I bet you all wanted to know that…

PS – A long-lost old friend has unexpectedly got in touch after three decades to say that this is not a melodeon, but a tiny piano accordion. She should know – she’s currently setting up an accordion museum in Inverness. Thanks Caroline Hunt! But I think I could be forgiven for being mistaken on this question – I think I see eight buttons on the left hand, which is at least suggestive of a melodeon, but the air holes on the side do look a lot like accordion bass buttons.

PPS – I like to take my one-row melodeon when cruising in our little 20-footer; it’s a great thing to have around when waiting for the tide. Does anyone else do this?


Something understood – how to paddle a Canadian canoe at an angle, and why

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Paddling a Canadian canoe

I learned something from this video, and will try paddling my own little canoe this way some day – hopefully without getting too wet.

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