Ken Duxbury’s Lugworm Drascombe Lugger adventures in print again

Lodestar Books is reprinting three classics of open boat cruising originally published in the 1970s, the Lugworm Chronicles.

Ken Duxbury and his wife B set out on a series of adventures in a Drascombe Lugger named Lugworm some 40 years ago, long before today’s explosion of interest in open boat sailing, and the books he wrote have become hard-to-find classics:

  • Lugworm on the Loose describes how Ken and B quit the rat race and explored the Greek Islands under sail
  • Lugworm Homeward Bound recounts their voyage home from Greece to England
  • Lugworm Island Hopping has Ken and B exploring the Scilly Isles and the Hebrides

For a sample from Lugworm on the Loose, click here.

Lodestar Books proprieter Dick Wynne enjoyed the books when they came out, and when he decided to try to reprint them, he was thrilled to discover that Duxbury still going strong, working as an artist  and enjoying his eighties at home in Cornwall with B.

The author was thrilled at the prospect of his books in print once again, and was able to provide negatives for most of the photographs.

The Lugworm Chronicles are a set of three hardcover volumes adding up to 600 pages, complete with original photographs, and maps and drawings by Duxbury himself. The complete package price is £36, and will be available from mid-April. They can be ordered from the Lodestar website now.

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Light Trow Onawind Blue celebrates her birthday in style

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Light Trow Onawind Blue armed to the teeth for a substantial open
boat cruise along the Spanish East Coast. Photo by Ben Crawshaw

From The Invisible Workshop:

Tuesday, 24 June 2008; Onawind Blue’s birthday

‘A fitting day to leave but despite my best intentions I didn’t get going until 11am, the family waving from the beach as OB, under full sail, bore off south southwest beneath grey skies in a light, easterly breeze.

‘Blessed with a favourable wind we ran quickly down to Tarragona and then, as the wind increased—almost certainly due to the un-forecast deep, dark clouds grumbling on the western horizon, even more quickly.

‘To windward the gunmetal waters were flecked with white… ‘

Read the rest of the series here.

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Light Trow Onawind Blue

Onawind Blue moored – photo by Ben Crawshaw
from his second report