West country style motor launch Lisa is launched in Devon


Lisa on the water for the first time opposite the Ship Inn at Noss Mayo,
Devon, 29th April 2009

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West Country-style motor launch Lisa built by Nick Smith for the landlord of the Ship Inn was launched on the 29th April at Noss Mayo, in Devon.

Nick describes the event:

‘It was a low-key launch in the early morning with no splash and no champagne. We ran the trailer down at half tide at 6am and let the water flood around the boat. Lisa floated off quietly and made no water.

‘We started the motor and went for sea trials for an hour or so to make sure all was tickety boo. The ballast may need adjusting forward, as single-handed she floats a bit high, however with three people on board and under way the waterline was sweet. The steering was well balanced and even on tickover Lisa can turn in almost her own length. The sheer looked right from all angles, very pleasing to the eye.’

Thanks Nick!

If you don’t already know him, Nick comes from Devon and specialises in new builds in clinker and carvel for sail, motor and rowing power from 8ft to 28ft with a special emphasis on West Country style and design, and also takes on repairs and refits from 25ft to 50ft. These days he’s based in Hampshire, and can be contacted by email at nick_smith_boatbuilder@yahoo.com and by phone on phone on 07786 693370.

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