Summer New Zealand images of classic yachts

I usually post some summer sailing pictures and videos about this time of year as a reminder of what is now not so far away for those of us in the Northern hemisphere. This comes from Paul Mullings…

Does anyone have information about the New Zealand Mullet Boat Esma?


MULLET BOAT.....  ESMA  H4 001

Gillian Williamson, who is based in New Zealand, has been in touch asking for information about her father’s Mullet Boat, Esma

Read about the Mullet Boat class here.

Her dad’s name was Tom Hollows. He owned Esma from late 1950s to early 1960s, and lived in Whangarei, so she was moored at the Whangarei town basin. He sailed others including the Ronaki.

He added the small shelter over the cockpit of Esma, so in the shot she looks a bit different to the way she was in earlier photos.

Also, Gillian would be delighted to know if anyone has a copy of the book Mullet Boats and Quotes by Noel Mitchell that they would be happy to sell, as Esma appears in its pages. Contact me a and I’ll pass any messages on to Gillian.

Paul Mullings’ photos from the Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta

Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta 2 photograph by Paul Mullings

Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta 4  photograph by Paul Mullings Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta 3 photograph by Paul Mullings Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta 1 photograph by Paul Mullings

Regular reader, commenter and contributor Paul Mullings has kindly sent over these photographs of the Mahurangi Classic Yacht Regatta ‘to bring some joy to you wintery world’. Mahurangi’s near Auckland, New Zealand.

Thanks for the lovely shots Paul!

PS – Reader Andrew White has alerted me to a sad accident associated with the regatta in which the Arch Logan designed Gypsy collided with another boat and sank quickly, injuring one of the two crew on board.