A wooden warship in Union Square, New York, 1917

Wooden warship Recruit

Recruit was a timber-built warship built in central New York during the Great War for recruitment purposes, and the photos on Retronaut are amazing

Fulton fish market, 1943

Fulton fish market 1943

Retronaut brings us some cracking clear photos of Fulton fish market in Lowe Manhattan (thanks severnclay), in 1943. To read about the story of the long gone market itself, see the Wikipedia.

My thanks once again to Malcolm Woods for passing the tip along!

The yachting photos of JS Johnston

JS Johnston photo collection Osprey and Sirene

JS Johnston photo collection Mayflower JS Johnston photo collection Merlin JS Johnston photo collection Volunteer

These fabulous old photos of old racing yachts come (with permission) from the JS Johnston collection of photographs taken by John S Johnstone of New York in the 1880s and 90s.

Although his work is widely acknowledged – he’s recognised for his cityscapes as well as yachting photos – but not too much seems to be known about the man, except that he lived until 1899, and was a keen canoeist.

An obituary described him as an old-time disciple of the legendary leisure canoeing pioneer MacGregor, and as having taken up the sport as a boy in England.

Johnston died of heart trouble at Niagra Falls after catching a cold photographing racing between Columbia and Shamrock – apparently he travelled there to recuperate. Photos of these races appear on the collection website.

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