The Man on the River completes his mission – and arrives in Istanbul


I would like to congratulate Giacomi de Stefano on completing his 5,200km journey from London to Istanbul in an Iain Oughtred-designed Ness Yawl a few days ago.

Hopefully he will be just about getting over it!

He’s had difficulties, including a bout of illness, and the journey has been a feat of resilience and determination, as well as an exploration. It has been achieved by an amazingly diverse collection of old and new friends and supporters, and has included some remarkable experiences.

Giacomo’s weblog reveals a very distinctive, determined personality and some great photography, and is well worth leafing through.

Man on the River Giacomo de Stefano sails gently towards Serbia

To find out more about Giacomo’s epic voyage from London to Istanbul on board a small sailing and rowing boat with the aim of challenging change to save the environment and local economies, click here.

London to Istanbul Ness Yawl is built online

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It’s peaceful as I write at 7.30 in the evening – but you should see it during the day!

Giacomo de Stefano is building one of Iain Oughtred’s Ness Yawls online this week – but you may have to be quick to catch it judging by the speed he and his friends were working working at when I looked earlier today. Click on the image to see what’s going on.

I should explain that Mr de Stefano plans to row and sail this boat from London (he’s leaving on the 15th April by the way) to Istanbul in a kind of new-age bid to forge a new relationship between man and nature. It’s a big ask, but then so is his target of sailing and rowing his way to Istanbul in the space of six months with little or no financial backing.

Anyway, he plans to have his boat built in four weeks, and from what I’ve seen he’s likely to make that target. Click on the photo above to catch a little of the action. See his Man on the River project website here:

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