Morgan Giles 42 narrow boat built 1969 for sale

Mark Savage has been in touch with the following message:

‘I am the owner of True Blue a 42 ft Morgan Giles narrowboat. I have spent the last three years working on her.

‘She is the last one left in her class and a fine example…

‘I have tried to find a home mooring for this beautiful craft, but cannot find one at a reasonable cost, and she is very much in danger of being struck by traditional metal narrowboat, this would be such a terrible loss, not only for me, but as a fine example of a Morgan Giles vessel built for the waterways.

‘I am trying to sell her – I am running out of time and I’m sad to say that this vessel will be lost for ever. She does indeed deserve to be preserved as part of the heritage of the waterways.’

There’s an ad on Apollo Duck – if you’re interested, click here and perhaps start researching vessel’s background…

Mouseboat narrowboat Mouseboat 79 gets ready for her public

IMG_1924 IMG_1929


mouseboat logo

David Emsley has just sent me these photos of the 10ft stretched Mouseboat he built back in 2005 and painted in narrowboat style.

He tells me he has now repainted it twice – he’s just finished this second re-paint ahead of putting it on display on the Wey and Arun Canal stand at the National Waterways Festival at Cassiobury Park
this weekend.

It’s amazing what people do with their Mouseboats. They also make quick and inexpensive small stitch and glue or chine-log first home boat building projects. Get the free plans from the Yahoogroup Mouseboats, or from the Duckworks Boat Building Supply plans page.

Narrowboat and canal videos from fender maker Trafalgar

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Narrowboat owner Barry McGuigan talks about his boats Narrowboat trip from Whaley to Buggsworth Basin

The British canal system is an astonishing web of narrow man-made waterways carrying long low-powered narrowboats that chug along at walking speed. The contrast with the pace of modern life could not be more complete, and so hiring a narrowboat makes for a great, peaceful day out or holiday.

So I thought I should link to these videos put up by Trafalgar Marine Services showing something of the canal around their base in Derbyshire. In the first, Brian McGuigan talks about his 70-year old motor narrow boat and butty, and the second provides a slightly scary time-lapse video of a run from Whaley Bridge to Buggsworth Basin. These boats don’t go this fast, let me tell you!

By the way, we last came across Trafalgar when the company’s Michael Dawson sent us an illustrated explanation of how to make a moustache or u-bow fender.

By the way, I’ve discovered this site selling old-style narrowboat and barge plans. There’s even a set for a Humber Keel! Now that might be a present idea for next Christmas!

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