Drawings for making a model of the sailing version of the 12 Ella skiff

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Ella skiff model drawing

At last – here’s a set of drawings for building a model of the sailing version of the 12ft Ella skiff. Full drawings are to come when I’ve written my usual builders’ blurb…

The pdfs in the download below (fixed now – sorry for any inconvenience) are all the same size and – if this works out as it should – when printed out everything should be in the same scale on paper. Model-makers should then be able to use the printouts as templates to create a 1/12 or so scale model, including spars and sails.

One point that may not be obvious and which I haven’t explained is that included in the drawings are four panels whose purpose may not be obvious. In fact, these attach to the side decks, frames and bottom immediately before and aft of the central thwart. They’re intended to add some low-down bouyancy in a knockdown, and help to keep the amount of retained free water to a minimum on righting.

Have fun… If you do build the model, I would be delighted to advise if you get stuck, and would be most grateful for photos please!

Ella skiff sailing version model

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Plans for making a model of the 10ft double-ended McLachlan skiff

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skiff model plans pic

A sample of Paul’s impressive detailed plans of the 10ft double ended skiff from Practical Boatbuilding

Paul O’Connor has been kind enough to send me a set of the plans he created before building his model of the 10ft double ended skiff from the book Practical Boatbuilding for Amateurs. The model has been a step along the route to building the real thing in epoxy ply, and because this is an attractive craft and and interesting challenge, I’m sure other intheboatshed.net readers will be interested in making their own models from the drawings.

I’ve divided the drawings, which are in pdf form, between two zips:

10ft skiff drawings folder 1

10ft skiff drawings folder 2

As I’ve pointed out before, there’s quite a lot of online background to this project. The original drawings and information from Practical Boatbuilding  are here, an earlier intheboatshed.net post on the model project is here and two threads discussing the Practical Boatbuilding skiff and Paul’s project are here and here.

Here’s a view of Paul’s three-dimensional model of the skiff:


Preliminary drawings for the sailing Ella skiff, and some more model photos

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Ella skiff sailing preliminary sketch

Preliminary sketches for the sailing Ella skiff

Intheboatshed readers following the progress of the ‘girls’ series skiffs might be interested in this initial drawing for the sailing version of the 12ft Ella skiff.

I’ve drawn quite a large sail area of 72sqft, which will make it a lively boat despite its simple hard-chine hull, and just what my daughter would love – I told here I’d try to create a boat that would keep up with a Topper, which is her current favourite small boat. The Ella skiff will also have buckets-full of built-in bouyancy.

In addition, Dan Savage kindly sent me the shots below of two card models he’s made of of the rowing version of the Ella skiff. Thanks Dan!

Ella Skiff Models 8-2-09 001 Ella Skiff Models 8-2-09 003 Ella Skiff Models 8-2-09 002

For more on the Ella skiff, click here.

PS – The drawings for the sailing version of the Ella skiff are done – To download the construction plans click here.