Merry Christmas, happy holidays and a healthy and prosperous New Year everyone!

Spider T sailing on the Humber, winter 2010

Spider T, winter 2010 Spider T, winter 2010 Spider T, winter 2010

Spider T, winter 2010 OMSSC Spider T in ice

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We wish readers of every religious creed and none all the best happiness this holiday season can bring.

And, for the new year, let’s hope 2011 will be a time in which hope, optimism and an idealism that is generous to others replaces the sordid selfishness and tribalism we usually see so much of. If not, we’ll just have to fix up or build boats and go sailing…

The splendid photos above are of the Humber sloop Spider-T. At the beginning of loast year I did not imagine that any such craft still existed, so owner Mal Nicholson’s email in January was one of the year’s boat-related high points. For several informative posts about Spider T, click here.

The photo by Dave Everett below is of the inaugural evening of one of Mal’s newest enterprises, the The Old Maritime Secret Supper Club with various boaty people from the region including folks from the Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation Society and the Humber Yawl Club. There’s a nice piece about it in the online magazine Towpath talk. Thanks for the photos and the information Mal and Dave!

Spider T winter 2010

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our readers and contributors!

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I saw three ships, from Walter Crane’s beautifully illustrated book of 1900, Baby’s Opera

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone. Thanks to all of you – those who follow this weblog, and particularly to the kind souls who have contributed so generously to its content.

We hope you all enjoy the carefree end of year celebration you would wish for. And now, for your diversion, we have prepared a song for you, and a little squeezebox entertainment: