Barnacle Bill – a new magazine for boat builders, boat dreamers, voyagers and messers about

Barnacle Bill

Richard Palmer has just launched Barnacle Bill a crowd-funding project that he intends will will grow into a successful paper magazine. Fizzing with enthusiasm, he has just published his first story-packed online issue – which is free, and includes all sorts of good stuff including an article about the Mouseboat building that has been going on at Faversham lately.

And there’s even a half-price subs deal if you buy before Christmas…


A new magazine for traditional boat enthusiasts

Classic Sailor

Classic Sailor is a new magazine about traditional and classic boats from ex-Classic Boat editor Dan Houston and Peter Willis that promises rather more coverage of the traditional craft around our coast than we’ve often seen in Classic Boat in recent years.

The second issue is said to be in the shops now, and includes:

  • news and features including 16 pages of practical advice
  • a visit to Maldon, home of traditional sailing on the East Coast, with the town regatta in full swing
  • a 120-year-old workboat in Cornwall that is still being raced today
  • a new Andrew Wolstenholme trailer sailer
    correspondents reporting from Scotland and Galicia, and the new offshore rowing phenomenon gripping Essex and Suffolk
  • the Edwardian world of Albert Strange and his last cruise
  • Tobias Smollett, who struggled with 18-century shipboard discipline, but became the undisputed father of the naval novel
  • getting away from the dock under control, understanding variation and deviation on our compasses, and discuss the merits of the new wonder rope Dyneema
  • association news this month including XODs, a 50th anniversary for Folkboats types, and a Finesse owners’ rally

I think we should wish them well (even if their successful could mean there’s no need for poor little… Find out more here.

Photos from the Beale Park Boat Show 2011

Pierette at the Beale Park Boat Show 2011

1894 Desvignes-built steam launch Pierette, photographed by Pete Williamson

Cordless Challenge entrant Beale Park Boat Show 2011 Water Craft amateur boatbuilding competition Beale Park 2011

Unknown dinghy

Reader Pete Williamson has sent in some snaps of this year’s Beale Park Boat Show, including this shot of the wonderful steam launch Pierrette, and some entries for the kit section of the Water Craft amateur boatbuilding competition (Pete’s boat is the dark blue Selway-Fisher coble made from an Alec Jordan kit).

Also there’s something very unusual here: an entrant for the cordless challenge, in which entrants were asked to race each other around a course on the water using motor power derived from by battery driven cordless power tools. There are a couple of jolly pieces of video showing some of the entrants craft’ at Graham Neil’s weblog and at the Water Craft website. It makes you think, doesn’t it? At least some folks found a use for some old tools…

Finally, I’m not quite sure what the boat in this collection may be or who made it, but I remember being told that it contains a lot of old timber from somewhere, and thinking that the builder had done a nice job when I dropped in at the Barton Home Built Boat Rally meet at Barton Turf at Whitsun. I’ve posted some of my own photos of this craft taken at Barton below.

Thanks Pete!

Youjay dinghy at Barton Youjay dinghy at Barton Youjay dinghy at Barton