Film-maker Simon North’s history of the story of Montreal, a lighter converted to a sailing barge

This is the first of a short series by Simon North. Part 2 is here and part 3 is here.

Check his YouTube account for more sailing barge stuff!

The Apprentice Lighterman (1963)

The Apprentice Lighterman (1963) – a short film about the work of lightermen on the Thames five decades ago.

My thanks to Andrew Craig-Bennett for spotting and sharing this video on The Liquid Highway’s YouTube account.

A stroll by the Regent’s Canal

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banksy, regent, canal, oxford street, lighter, rubble, barge

banksy, regent, canal, oxford street, lighter, rubble, barge banksy, regent, canal, oxford street, lighter, rubble, barge

Steve Taylor has kindly sent over these photos from the Regent’s Canal – like many of us I suspect, he adds variety to the working day by strolling to the nearest body of water at lunchtime to watch whatever’s going on.  (I’ll take a peek at the Thames myself when it comes to my turn.)

One day recently he hit gold – a working scene that could have been shot at almost any time in the past 150 years (if you ignore the welded seams of the lighter), followed one that belongs very much in the modern day.

‘As I’ve been working in Oxford Street I made my way to the Regents Canal and enjoyed a short walk during which I was cheered to see the waterway being used for a genuine practical – and commercial purpose. A building is being partially demolished and rubble is removed using a small steel lighter. This of course is eminently practical, since there is no street access to the rear of the property and no doubt the presence of a skip in the street would be inconvenient.

‘An added bonus was spotting a Banksy piece which can only have been executed from a boat – presumably at the dead of night? A walk along the canal is the perfect antidote to the drudgery of life in an office. The noise and fumes of London traffic are all left behind after a few paces along the towpath and it is hard to believe you are really in the middle of the big city!’

Thanks Steve!