Photos from a few days sailing on the North Kent coast



My daughter Ella and I took these photos last week during a sailing trip from Oare Creek where we keep our little plastic Hunter. Most of the time the wind kept us pretty busy as we slipped from creek to creek, and the weather wasn’t exactly camera-friendly.

But a few days in the weather suddenly improved and so we slipped out to have a close look at a local landmark, Guy Maunsell’s Red Sands Fort. (Read about them here and here, and see a Pathé newsreel here.)

The light that afternoon was fascinating, as it so often is on the sea, and so it was time to take out the Fuji Finepix s200. See the shot above of a fishing boat stuck on the spit off Shellness (above), and below the moment when a cloud came over to shade us in our boat just as a sneaky breeze kicked up a rash of ripples on the face of the water (below).

That breeze carried us down to the Isle of Harty.