Old lifeboats rally at Fowey

Fowey held a rally for ex-lifeboats recently as these smashing photos by local chap Paul Richards show. Local boat builder Marcus Lewis reports that a great selection of ex-lifeboats turned up, and bright breezy weather helped the flags to fly.

All of the boats were made open to the public, who were asked for donations to the RNLI.

Thanks Marcus, and thanks also to Paul!

Our Lifeboatmen – magic lantern slides from long ago

These wonderful images of magic lantern slides from a century ago come from the Tyne & Wear Archive Flickr set Our Life-Boat Men. Follow the link to see more!

I wonder whether the series represents a particular incident and a particular group of lifeboatmen? I’d guess magic lanterns were too early for one of these blokes to be the legendary Henry Blogg of the Sea Palling lifeboat station. The line throwing technique looks good mind!

My thanks to Malcolm Woods for passing this one along…

The RNLI in 1952 on film – including a clip of Whitby No 2, the last pulling lifeboat

It was reader John Button who set me off looking for this material – so thanks John! The wrecks on the Goodwins look pretty scary, I’d say.

‘Woods from many parts of the Empire play their part in the construction of a lifeboat.’

‘Men who come together for sudden, dangerous acts of mercy.’