Restored Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon dinghy for sale

Gibbs Halcyon dinghy by Abingdon and Skabardis

North Kent boatbuilders Abingdon & Skabardis Marine Carpentry has put the gaff-rigged Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon sailing dinghy mentioned in an post a week or two ago up for sale.

The sweet looking and snug-rigged little clinker-build sailing dinghy is on eBay, listed as ‘Classic Clinker Sailing Dinghy’ in the ‘Other sailing’category. The posting comes with lots of photos…

Abingdon and Skabardis get to work on a Kenneth Gibbs Halcyon dinghy

Gibbs dinghy restoration  (6)

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Gibbs dinghy restoration  (4) Gibbs dinghy restoration  (5)

Kyle Abingdon of Abingdon & Skabardis Marine Carpentry based at Dargate near Faversham has written to say his outfit is refurbishing a Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon sailing dinghy.

It’s similar to one that Simon Papendick has been working on – see an earlier post.

Kyle and Maris (Skabardis) acquired the dinghy as part of a deal.

Her hull was in good order but she had a lot of rotten frames and rot at the bottom of her transom.

‘We have replaced more the half the frames – 16 – and repaired the transom.

‘We are now putting a new deck on her and then we will turn her over and varnish her.

‘It’s been a long time since she was in the water. Hope your enjoying the weather as much as we are!

‘Regards, Kyle’

Simon Papendick’s latest personal project – a Kenneth Gibbs 14ft Halcyon dinghy

Simon Papendick Halcyon Class Dinghy restoration

Simon Papendick of J-Star Boats is currently restoring a 14ft Kenneth Gibbs-designed Halcyon class Dinghy.

Readers may remember an earlier series of posts from Simon recording his restoration of a small gaff cutter, Gadfly II, that was built by well known Whitstable boatbuilders Anderson, Rigden & Perkins. The posts record his work in restoring the boat and preparing her to sail again, but also his success in researching the boat’s history. To find that series of posts, click here and follow the older posts links.

The latest posts on Simon’s weblog show stages in the job of replacing cracked planks, and putting in new green oak ribs.

There’s some information and photos of a Halcyon dinghy sold by the auctioneers Bonhams here and a restoration project of a similar boat here (you have to scroll down quite a way to find it).