Traditional working boats of Italy’s inland waterways

58_barche_violetta_lago_di_chiusi (1)

Happily, Italy has an association that records the country’s inland traditional boats, cares for them and builds them.

Some of the boats are recognisable flat-bottomed turf boats as you might expect – but others are strange and wonderful.

My thanks to reader Justin Ford for finding this one!


Peter Radclyffe talks about restoring a many decades old traditionally built boat made for the Mediterranean

Peter Radclyffe

Down on Elba, Peter Radclyffe talks about the issues involved in restoring and repairing a many decades old traditionally built boat made for the Mediterranean. I hope folks can see it, because he has some interesting points to make…

Peter Radclyffe’s gozzo project in Italy

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GOZZO2009009 img060 img121

Down in Italy, Peter Radclyffe is making progress on a gozzo, as these photos show. Thanks Peter, and good luck with project!

I don’t know anything about these fishing boats, but the Italian Wikipedia has this page in Italian and this link shows what the boats look like when completed.

Just from these images it’s Peter’s an able boatbuilder, but readers might be interested to see this Clovelly picarooner he built some time ago.


Peter Radclyffe’s picarooner

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