How to sail by the folks at Hunter’s Yard on the Norfolk Broads

This is number 5 in a series by Hunters Yard about sailing their boats – but there’s lots of good stuff here for the rest of us!

To see the full set, click here and start at the bottom of the page.


Solid advice on sailing small boats from the West Wight Potters


This little table was written for the US version of theĀ West Wight Potter shows how very rapidly the pressure on a sailing rig rises with wind speedĀ in mind – and similar tables could be drawn up for other sailing boats.

It comes from Many Ways to Potter, a handy guide to sailing these little centreboard sloops that includes lots of good advice for those sailing other small boats, including on how to manage in strong winds and rough water. Read it here.

Thanks for pointing this one out Paul Mullings!