Ship of the Day from Conway Books

The last photo of the Lusitania before she was sunk by a U boat torpedo in 1915

This is said to be the last known photograph of the Lusitania taken in 1915 before she was sunk by a German U-boat during World War I, and it comes from Conway Books’ splendid Ship of the Day series.

As its name suggests, Conway’s series presents an image of a ship each day, accompanied by a genuinely informative potted history. For example, I’d forgotten that the sinking of civilian ships including the Lusitania is said to have been among the reasons the United States entered WWI. Among the 1,198 lives lost when the Lusitania went down were some 124 US citizens.

The Ship of the Day series is all good. Lusitania was yesterday’s ship: today’s is the Hunley.