Dutch woman drawing canal boat 1910-15

Dutch woman drawing canal boat in Holland

Another gem from Retronaut. My thanks for Griselda Musset of the excellent Faversham Creek Trust for pointing it out.

The Dutch open Veenvaart – a canal route for pleasure boats and leisure activities

Veenvaart 2 Veenvaart 1

Jantje on the Veenvaart canal system

Last weekend see the opening of the Veenvaart, a new canal complex in Holland for use by pleasure boats that includes an important new section built for the purpose.

I think it’s an important example of what can be achieved when vision, imagination and enthusiasm are brought to bear, and frequent Intheboatshed contributor Hans-Christian Riecke has written to tell us about it.

The revitalised canal system is situated between the villages of Ter Apel and Erica in the Dutch province of Drenthe – you can read about the new canal at http://veenvaart.nl if you can manage the Dutch language – but many of us will find the English language brochure helpful.

It took just five years to plan an dig the waterway. Originally the plan was to reactivate the old Scholtenskanaal, but this was not possible because of a new motorway – so project manager Wim Paas and colleagues decided instead to reopen parts of the Osterdiep Canal, dig a new canal to connect it with the Scholtenskanaal, reopen parts of this as well and call the whole thing Veenvaart. The name means ‘bog way’, and the canal route is so named because it cuts through old swamps and bogs in north west Europe.

The idea of the canal is to provide a recreational experience that extends beyond boating: there are foothpaths and cycleways, campsites and pubs, and one stretch of the canal passes through the Veenpark open air museum.

Intheboatshed contributor Hans-Christian Riecke described it this way: ‘It is a fantastic experience. The Graf Ship Association’s sailing barge Jantje was one of the stars of the opening, as it was the second boat passing through the canal and the new locks.’

‘We had a lot of guests on board and meet a lot of great people. There was brilliant sunshine and the inhabitants of the area were celebrating wholeheartedly.’

Graf Ship campaigns to open the canals in North-Western Germany for leisure and other purposes.

Photos from the Iain Oughtred boat weekend in Holland

Iain Oughtred Clan weekend Holland 2011 - photo by Gemma Toussaint

Iain Oughtred Clan weekend Holland 2011 - photo by Gemma Toussaint Iain Oughtred Clan weekend Holland 2011 - photo by Gemma Toussaint Iain Oughtred Clan weekend Holland 2011 - photo by Gemma Toussaint


These dreamy shots taken by Gemma Toussaint come from the Iain’s Clan Weekend, a meeting for builders and users of Iain Oughtred’s boats that organised earlier this month by Bert Van Baar of the De Bootbouwschool at Uitgeest, Holland.

Readers may be entertained by this short video by Frank VergeerHome Built Boat Rally members might even identify one ot personalities…

That black double-ender is a aluminium Tirrik built by Jachtwerf de Zeeg.

PS – While we’re on the subject of Oughtred boats, a few days ago Man on the River Giacomo de Stefano and pals made it across the Channel in their Oughtred Ness Yawl and made a nice short film about it.