Robin Craig’s wonderful photo collection

Be warned – this could take some time, and it may be a moment to draw up a chair, and sit down with a cup of tea and a favourite biscuit or two…

If’ you’re sitting comfortably, these few thumbnails link to photographs in the huge and wonderful Robin Craig collection of photos of ships and boats – there are three directories containing hundreds of photos from the 1930s to the 1970s on line here.

PS – I’m sorry to report that I completely forgot to thank Jay Cresswell (see comment below and various earlier posts and comments) for leading me to this website. Thanks Jay! is always grateful for a good tipoff!

More of Matt Atkin’s photos of the boats and ships of Hong Kong’s harbours

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Hong Kong nets

Here’s some more of my brother Matt Atkin’s striking photos from Hong Kong – to see an earlier post click here. Once again, I don’t think either of us can say much about what the boats are, but it’s fascinating to see shots of a working and dwelling boat-using culture so very different from the one we know here in cold, rainy winter-bound Kent.

Thanks once again Matt!

L1060448 L1040572 L1050722

L1060476 2009-1951 2009-1950

L1060501 L1060500 L1060489

L1060485 Hong Kong stern

L1040493 2009-1644

The Pentreath photo archive talk at the NMMC, Falmouth

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Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History 2 Newlyn

Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History 5 Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History 4

Snapshots of Cornish Maritime History 3

Newlyn harbour; portrait of a Porthleven fisherman; unloading, Mevagissey harbour; launching lifeboat, Port Isaac; Princess Victoria. Click on the thumbnails to see larger photos. Images courtesy of the Pentreath Photographic Archives of Cornish Maritime History

This post marks the 1000th post! Hurrah!

Professor Jan Pentreath will reveal some items from his archive of local images dating from the mid-nineteenth century up to the end of the 1930s at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall at Falmouth on the 7th December 2009.

The event is an illustrated public talk titled Snapshots of Cornish maritime history and is part of a programme combining a lecture and lunch exploring different historical and nautical themes. Prof Pentreath says: ‘Each image represents a snapshot of our rich local maritime history and reveals the lives of the men and women who lived and worked on our waters. This talk will look at a number of stunning images and the fascinating stories behind them.’

The lecture and set lunch is from 12.30pm on Monday, 7 December and costs £12.50. To book your place please call 01326 214546.

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