How a reader helped to create the best post of 2008

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Stromness from the pass – the point where Shackleton, Crean
and Worsley first saw safety. Click on the thumbnail above
for a larger photo

I’d like to enter The grim grandeur of South Georgia for The Tillerman’s competition Simply The Best, which seeks to celebrate the vibrant diversity of boating weblogs.

This post is simply the best because it connects us to the past, draws attention to important but little-known boat-related information, was the development of a series and showed readers contributing from across the world.

This combination of history, relevance to the present day and reader engagement is what makes worth the time and effort I put into it. In particular, the contributions of people such as Jeff Cole and a host of boatbuilders and boating enthusiasts make what it is – believe me, I don’t do it for the Google Adsense income!