Frank Carr writing on bawleys

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‘The Leigh bawleys which formĀ  the subject of Mr Mason’s drawing are a type that it is indeed a pity to see vanishing from the Thames Estuary and giving place to a class of modern motor craft, less pleasing in design, where sails are but auxiliary to power.’

Frank Carr describes the history and development of the lovely bawley. Of course, these days I’m sure we’d be happy to preserve examples of the bawley’s successor – no doubt it too was a handsome carvel-built craft, even if Carr found them a little too plain and modern to be interesting.

carr-and-mason-p5 carr-and-mason-p6 carr-and-mason-p71

carr-and-mason-p8 carr-and-mason-p9 carr-and-mason-p10

carr-and-mason-p11 carr-and-mason-p12 carr-and-mason-p13

carr-and-mason-p14 carr-and-mason-p15

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