Forest & Stream skiff built in steel

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Hans-Christian Rieck has written from Germany with the news that he and some unemployed kids are building a Forest & Stream skiff in steel.

It’ll be very interesting to see how this boat works when it is launched – naturally, I have mentioned the weight issue and that the boat will need bouyancy tanks to make it safe. One should remember that steel-built barges from Germany and Holland frequently have steel-built tenders – so what may seem surprising to some of us will be quite normal for many of our neighbours.

Here’s what he says:

‘Always short of funding, I came upon your site because of the free plans. As most of our juveniles prefer steel to wood, I try to build the Forest & Stream skiff from 3 mm steel. I“ll take some photos to send you from time to time to inforn you on the progress we make.

‘Yours, Hans-Christian Rieck’

I’m always delighted to hear that my plans are being put to good use! For more on the Forest & Stream skiff and for the plans, click here.

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