Briscoe: Oyster Grounds, Clewlines and Buntlines, Man Overboard and The Heaving Line

‘But those sailor-men have no truer friend than Arthur Briscoe, who so faithfully interprets their lives at sea.’

Paintings by Albert Strange and etchings by George Holmes – the charm of the ASA

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George Holmes etching At Wisbeech

George Holmes etching Snippet on Posts Albert Strange painting of trawlers at the Albert Strange Association website Emerald at the Albert Strange Association website

Two charming etchings by George Holmes, trawlers painted by Albert Strange, and Emerald

Editor Dick Wynne has been busy putting some very nice posts up at the Albert Strange Association website. I’m particularly charmed by George Holmes’ etchings, a painting by Albert Strange himself, and the photo of Emerald. And there’s a nice contemporary piece about the development of the canoe stern to read as well. I’d say it was essential reading!

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