Overbeck’s Museum, Salcombe, and a few views of the estuary and beyond

Some photos from the museum at Overbeck’s Museum, Salcombe and a few views… The shots include:

  • a model of a famous sailing ship Herzogin Cecilie, which was wrecked nearby
  • a model Brixham trawler (and an explanation of their work beam trawling)
  • a portrait of Captain William Port of Salcombe, master of the brig Phoenix
  • a splendid phot of a seaman’s family dated 1880
  • a story about a pair of parrots
  • Herr Overbeck’s famous medical electric shocking machine, a couple of boats for sale in Island Street
  • a model of an old Salcombe clipper in the Sailing Club (grand building, good food and cheap beer, by the way)
  • also in the club, a painting by celebrated Victorian artist Henry Moore, and a photo through an alley between two buildings that I wish I had taken…
  • some Mirrors on a beach – this lot are all fitted with little outboards and their retired owners seemed to use them to picnic at a different spot around the estuary every day. Good for them!
  • beach guards at surfing beach and Bantham, and the famous hotel on Burgh Island
  • some local traditionally built boats picked out among the RIBs
  • a mass of RIBs awaiting their generally red-trousered and stripey-shirted owners (following that, I’ve included a shot of a cheery looking dog on the beach at Mill Bay to cheer everyone up… )

Woodbridge: a dockside stroll in photos

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Woodbridge from along the estuary

Woodbridge from the head of the estuary. Click on the thumbnails for much bigger photos

Woodbridge mill Woodbridge mill from a distance

Woodbridge tide mill

Woodbridge motor cruisers Woodbridge liveaboard Woodbridge liveaboard 3

Woodbridge liveaboard 2 converted lifeboat

Liveaboards at Woodbridge

Woodbridge outstanding shed Everson's Woodbridge cruising club wind vane Woodbridge Deben Yacht Club wind vane

Eversons’ splendid sheds; wind vanes belonging to Woodbridge Cruising Club and the Deben Yacht Club

Woodbridge Arwen Woodbridge Arwen 2 Woodbridge Arwen 3

The intriguing and delightful Arwen

Woodbridge motor boat

A very sweet little motorboat

Woodbridge Lowestoft smack LO136 Woodbridge Bawley LO136 2

Bawley Good Intent, with a London port designation

Woodbridge interesting small yacht Woodbridge pretty small yacht Woodbridge yacht 2

Woodbridge dinghies

Pretty yachts and picturesque dinghies

Woodbridge wall detail 2 Woodbridge wall detail 1

Wall details from the old quayside, which is now set well back from the river

The second Light Trow is launched in Wales and she’s looking good!

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DSC_0003 DSC_0002

The second Light Trow is launched in Cardigan, Wales

A gentleman called Jake has  built and launched the second Light Trow at Cardigan in Wales – and readers will have no difficulty guessing how pleased the designer is.

Working with the help of an experienced boatbuilder friend, Jake has deviated from the original in several ways, with good-looking sunken decks and a nicely curved line to the foredeck’s aft edge, but the hull seems to be unchanged.

Many thanks for the photos Jake!

Jake seems very happy with the result – he says she’s a fine-looking boat and floats and rows well. He says that although she is still not quite finished and remains as yet un-named she is still a lot of fun – and I think that shows in the photos.

Some of the sailing details are clearly visible and the rig is still to come – though my guess is that some boyancy bags will be useful in the local estuary.

I’m happy for people with experience to deviate from the plans so long as they know what they’re doing. However, if you’re a potential builder and  don’t have the required experience to change the plans, please contact me before making them – it’s too easy to get into bad trouble in boats.

For more on the Light Trow and the amazing adventures of the first Light Trow builder Ben Crawshaw and  click here and for more on the Fleet Trow on which she is based, click here.

I should point out that a Mark II updated stitch and glue version of the Light Trow is planned for later this year or early next, and when it comes it will be announced here at intheboatshedf.net.

I should add here that I am an amateur designer with no formal training or education and that my plans should be regarded as experimental. I accept no responsibility for any accident or loss that results from building or using my boat plans.

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