Sam Larner, herring fisherman, talks and sings

Look what I’ve found! YouTubes in which Sam Larner, who spent his working life aboard drifters fishing for herring off the East Coast of Scotland and England, talks about his life and work, and sings the old songs. That particular fishery largely died out in the late 50s, so stand by to be fascinated, I say…

I love to listen to him, for his way of speaking reminds me strongly of my grandparents, who were also Eastern counties folk. For more posts mentioning Sam Larner, click here.

There’s also a bit of film of steam drifters under way and at work here:

Herring drifters at Great Yarmouth in the 1950s

Herring drifters at Yarmouth


This is how it was at Yarmouth in the 1950s before the heyday of the herring fishing ended. More great pictures from Jack Harrison and a little to read can be found here.