Gone Fishing from the BBC Sea Fever series

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We were mightily impressed by the Gone Fishing programme from the BBC’s Sea Fever series last night.

If you can find an hour, don’t hesitate to get the computer out and dial up the iPlayer to watch this hugely atmospheric programme including lots of home movie and documentary footage, and interviews with some great old boys.

The horizons of Ben Crawshaw

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It’s been an entertaining and cheering couple of days here at Intheboatshed.net Towers. Following yesterday’s jolly boat-nut’s outing to Turk’s boatyard at Chatham, today brought two nice pieces of news relating to the Light Trow: first that another Light Trow is about to be built in Australia, and, second, that a TV documentary about Ben Crawshaw’s boat building and sailing adventures made by a Catalan television company is now available for all of us to see over the Internet.

Click here to go to Ben’s own weblog post about the documentary including a link to the programme itself. It’s an entertaining and nicely shot piece of work, even if like me you can make out only a few words.

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POST-SCRIPT The drawings for the full-sized¬†Light Trow Mk2 are now close to complete. If you’re interested in building this boat email me at gmatkin@gmail.com, and I’ll send you them – but only if you promise not to share them without my permission!

Britannia Rules – a super half hour film about the Big Class and the J Class eras

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Brittania Rules

Britannia Rules – a cracking little programme now available from Channel Four’s on-demand 4OD gizmo

Don’t miss out on this – if you haven’t already done so, find half an hour in your programme to sit down and watch this cracking little half-hour documentary about Britannia, the Big Class and finally the J Class.

If you’re outside the UK, I fear you may not be able to see it, but it really is a super half hour of telly even if it is on a computer screen. There are several programmes here that seem to be worth watching, and I’ll report further at some point.

Britannia Rules: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/classic-ships/4od#2928477

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